Which boat is best for us?

It will depend on how many people are in your group. Our staff will explain the merits of each boat. Have a think about your budget and what you’d like to do with your day out on the water and we will match you to the best boat and resort available.

I can't decide!

Don’t worry; TheLagosParty is here to help! Give us a call and we can figure out what your needs are. We aim to have something for every budget.

The boat we like is too small for our group, what can we do?

We can organise a tandem rental. For example, one of our sports boats can accompany your primary charter boat carrying up to 6 extra passengers. The two boats stay together at all times.

How do I book?

Get in touch with us via our contact page. The more information you can give us the easier it will be to help you choose the right boat. Remember to include: dates, the boat(s) you are interested in renting, budget, number of passengers and anything else that you think might help us. Once we have confirmed everything, we will need a 50% deposit to reserve the boat for you. Your booking is not secured until we receive the deposit.

How far in advance should I book my CRUISE OR CHARTER?

It gets super busy so book as far in advance as you can so you have more chance of getting the dates and boats you want.

What about last minute bookings?

We prefer advance bookings but we can also often accommodate last minute charters. You never know your luck so give us a call or email us and we will try our best to find you the perfect boat cruise or charter in Lagos.

How do I pay?

Once we’ve figured out the details of your booking you’ll need to pay a 50% deposit to secure your dates and boat. An Invoice is issued with all details and once booking is paid, an e-ticket will be mailed. The remaining 50% of the charter, along with fuel and any extras is to be paid in cash on the day of the charter before take-off.

Where will we go for Sight-seeing on the charter?

There are so many options. Our staff can help figure out a plan for your day out on the water. Many clients choose to go to Takwa-Bay, Inagbe, Ilase, Ikaare or Ibeche Private Islands, which are only accessible by boat. Discuss your needs with our staff to work out the best places to go, ensuring that the wind and sea conditions are favourable at your preferred destinations.

What is included in the price of the CRUISE OR BOAT CHARTER?

This varies from boat to boat, so make sure to read the descriptions thoroughly and ask us before booking so we can reassure you.

Each boat Charter or Cruise Cost includes:

  • Skipper
  • Mooring at home port
  • Complimentary drinks and snacks
  • Towels
  • Cleaning

Not included are:

  • Fuel
  • Mooring at any other port
  • Gratuities

This is very general information and varies from boat to boat. Be assured that at TheLagosParty there are no hidden costs and we will make sure you know all the costs involved on making the booking.

How is the cost of fuel calculated?

There are two ways we calculate fuel costs.
1. By filling up the tanks on upon returning to port
2. By calculating the number of hours the engines were running and how much fuel they burn per hour, using a meter.

How much fuel does my chartered boat use?

Each boat consumes different amounts of fuel. We will give you an estimate when you book your charter.

Can we bring our kids?

All of our boats are child friendly and we will make sure to have the appropriate child life vests on board.

Are there free drinks & MEALS on board?

We supply you with limited, complimentary drinks. If you would like to have more choice talk to us about catering options.

Can we bring our own food and drinks on board?

We allow clients to bring their own food and drinks on board most of our boats and resorts but it’s best to check with us first.

What fun things can we do?

Take advantage of the swimming pool and beach bikes provided at private resorts to explore the Island or maybe even try your hand at paddleboarding!

What time does the BOAT CRUISE start?

We normally recommend departing between 12:00noon and 13:00 (1pm) to get the most out of your Cruise or Charter, but it’s entirely up to you!

Can we make special requests or get catering?

Absolutely, talk to us about what you’d like to do and we’ll help you with any special events and catering.

What if our charter can’t go ahead due to bad weather?

It’s very rare to get bad weather days in the summer in Lagos. However, nature works in mysterious ways. If your charter needs to be cancelled due to bad weather we would do our best to reschedule. If that is not possible you will receive a refund.

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